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Established for over 60 years, Cast Iron Rads are specialists in the restoration & refurbishment of Cast Iron Radiators. Each radiator is manufactured to suit your requirements supplied with a 10 year warranty. We also supply Original antique or reproduction cast iron radiators

Cast Iron Rads began as a small engineering company specialising in general steel fabrication, welding, blast cleaning and surface coatings, including paint, powder and Teflon coating. Over the years, Cast Iron Rads Ltd have evolved into the only company in the UK that: Manufacture, Re-manufacture, Restore, Refurbish as well as the supply of new cast iron radiators.

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Whether it’s a single cast iron radiator you want to bring back to life, or radiator restoration of a full stately home, Cast Iron Rads are a great choice. We can breath new life into your old radiators or supply new radiators.

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With 60 years of experience, skill and knowledge gained from working with companies from around the globe within the manufacturing and finishing industry has been passed on through our workforce. Each member of our staff is conditioned to deliver excellence every time. we guarantee that our product is manufactured with great care, skill and to the highest possible standard to enable each radiator to take pride of place in your home. We work on projects across the UK and internationally. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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