Radiator Restoration

Cast Iron Radiator Restoration

Our cast iron radiator restoration service is available for residential and commercial customers wanting to have their own cast iron radiators restored. Since 1999 Castironrads have been restoring radiators to their former glory and over the years have worked with property developers, designers, architects and home owners ensuring a small part of our history is warming our future generations for many years to come. Each cast iron radiator will be fully restored by an experienced member of the Castironrads team, ensuring your radiator is fully restored and tested before being packaged and returned to you. With a wide selction of colours your radiator can be finished to match your decor, Call us on 01677 470808 to discuss the options further. We operate a collections and delivery service across the UK.

Step 1


Each radiator is shot blasted to remove all previous coatings and ensure a perfect surface for re-coating.

Our years of experience have found that shot blasting not only achieves the best results but also keeps the seals intact, this ensuring a longer life for your radiator compared to the easier process of burning your radiator.

When the radiators arrive they are visually inspected for any damage. If they look sound they are then taken in to our blast room for cleaning back to bare metal.

From here they are taken to the assembly area and the old pipe fittings are removed, new fittings are then installed to the customers requirement. The radiator is then pressure tested with water at a pressure of 6 bar to ensure there are no leaks, they are then pressure flushed to remove any loose debris that has accumulated in side.

Step 2

Powder Coating

Once we know they are sound they are taken to our coating area and primed.

They then go into our coating oven to fix the primer.

Then the customers chosen colour is applied and they go back through the oven.

Once cool they are taken back to the assembly area and tested again to 6 bar then wrapped prior to re delivery.

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With 60 years of experience, skill and knowledge gained from working with companies from around the globe within the manufacturing and finishing industry has been passed on through our workforce. Each member of our staff is conditioned to deliver excellence every time. we guarantee that our product is manufactured with great care, skill and to the highest possible standard to enable each radiator to take pride of place in your home. We work on projects across the UK and internationally. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.

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